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Race Faster - How to fuel your next event

taught by Dawn Revens

Course description

This course is written for anyone competing in triathlons, sportives, long distance swimming and cycling events and marathons of any type. Having a nutrition plan is not just for elite athletes, it’s really important for all endurance athletes regardless of where they are on their journey. Everyone needs a nutrition plan tailored to them which takes into account their body weight, training intensity and event duration. A nutrition plan will make a huge difference to whether they finish and the time they finish in. If you have done the training, you now need to get your race day nutrition sorted. Nutrition plays a critical role in helping you to optimise your body composition so that you can get the most out of your training, race faster and recover quicker. If you get it wrong then you risk injury, illness, over-training or disappointing race results.

This course contains some very basic science theory but only what's directly relevant to endurance athletes to help them better understand this subject. The majority of the course is very practical and focuses on the application of the theory enabling anyone who goes through it to put together their very own customised race day nutrition plan. It will help endurance athletes understand what to eat, when to eat it and how much to eat at their next race helping them to go faster for longer.

Included are nutrition plan templates, tasty natural recipes for foods and drinks as well as ideas for transporting foods during an event.

This Course is delivered through a combination of videos, presentations with audios and a workbook.

Dawn Revens
Dawn Revens
Sports Nutrition Advisor

My name is Dawn Revens and my business is called The CompEater.

Having spent many years in the corporate world, I now left & set up this business so I can follow my passion & help endurance athletes who are triathletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers. I put together personalised eating plans to optimise their body composition and maximize their race performance enabling them to go faster for longer and recover quicker with fewer injuries.

When I first started doing endurance events a number of years ago, I didn’t have a clue. I didn’t know what to eat, when to eat it and how much to eat in fact I relied solely on water and ended up having to stop frequently at the loos! Not surprisingly I hit the wall in my first event and felt absolutely dreadful for several days afterwards, as if I had been run over by a steam roller !

Over the last 10 years, I have made it my mission to learn as much as possible about nutrition by keeping up to date with any new diets in the marketplace as well as understanding the unique needs of endurance athletes. I believe that endurance athletes shouldn't 'diet' in the traditional sense, we need to eat for performance by thinking about what we want our bodies to achieve both in training and racing and then making the appropriate food choices to achieve amazing results.

Nutrition and eating habits before, during and after endurance events are all really important and I want to help as many endurance athletes as possible to eat in a way that helps them achieve racing weight and maintain energy levels by laying down good eating habits for life.

I want to stop you worrying about your nutrition by giving you the skills and confidence to enable you to create your own personalised nutrition plans specifically for race day. That’s exactly what this course has been designed to do !